Easy Touch // Ultra-matt finish // Anti-fingerprint

Focus // Ultra-high gloss

Riva // Walnut wood fine textured

Stone / Concrete Finish

Riva // Walnut wood fine textured

Stone / Concrete Finish

Inox // Brushed stainless steel finish

Lux // Multi-layer two sided high gloss lacquer

Pura // Two-sided high-gloss lacquer with integrated finger-pull

Structura // Black oak reproduction

True Handleless Cabinets

Affordable German Kitchen Cabinets, Cameron-County, TX

Most people think German kitchens cost a fortune & they would never be able to afford one. However, this is not necessarily the case. When you include the cost of the worktops, appliances & fitting. It is possible to get a German kitchen for less than the price of a budget kitchen from the chains or trade only suppliers. You just need to know where to look!
If you’re planning on updating your kitchen, one question that is likely to be top of your list is “How Much Will it Cost?”

Buying a European German Kitchen in Budget

The way to do it is simple, you just need to know which are the best value German brands & who sells them for the best prices. However, that’s easier said than done. Firstly, there are lots of German brands in the market. Secondly, even if you are able to work out which brands are the best value, finding out which showrooms sell them for the lowest prices is near on impossible. So, how can you quickly & easily identify which showrooms offer German kitchens for a similar price to the chains & trade only suppliers?

Yes, We deliver and install our German kitchen cabinets in Cameron-County, Tx.

Designing a kitchen has many moving parts and elements to consider. Besides cabinetry, when you start adding up the costs associated with installation, appliances, worktops, tiles, and add-ons, the cost rapidly grows out of control.

German engineering is well-known for its state of the art craftsmanship, latest technology, and extended testing. These standards are just as exacting when it comes to German kitchen design, so you can always expect a modern, well-thought-out kitchen that not only stands the test of time but is custom-made to fit your space.

Here’s how to start planning your own luxury German kitchen on a budget.

The Budget

This may sound obvious, but it’s important that you know how much you’ve got to spend on your new kitchen. While it is possible to get a fantastic, fully functional kitchen on just about any reasonable budget, you will need to understand your financial starting point to get the best kitchen for your needs.

Kitchen Cabinet types & Accessories

Next, it’s time to allocate that budget. When it comes to your luxury German kitchen, what do you really have to have? Which areas could you compromise on? Think about each separate component, starting with the cabinets, doors, worktops and appliances you’d like, to your ideal layout, lighting and fitting.

For example, if you choose lacquered doors with a gloss finish, they will be priced differently from standard melamine. Doors also tend to be more affordable than drawers.

(The great thing about German kitchens is that components you might presume to be indulgent add-ons  such as high-grade materials, and soft-close doors and drawers – are included as standard).

Please do not hesitate to contact us here at The Kitchens Group. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have and discuss all of your individual needs to create your dream kitchen.

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