Bathroom Vanities

Bathrooms are the most frequently utilized areas of your home, you’ll want your bathroom (and of course, your vanity) to reflect your personal sense of style in functional and comfortable ways. Fortunately, there are plenty of design options and measurements to suit your preferences and needs, from slender pedestals to luxurious double sink vanities with plenty of elbow room. 

 Whether you’re planning a bathroom renovation or starting entirely from scratch, choosing a new vanity is an exciting part of the process. Seamless mornings start with the right bathroom vanity size and design.
The bathroom is relatively a smaller space in a home however nobody can deny the importance of good bathroom vanity. How to choose the right bathroom vanity that fulfills all your related needs but also looks good? The selection and design of bathroom vanity require a few serious considerations. You will need to identify the storage needs which might include linen storage, storage of paper products, cleaning products in some cases, and grooming items. Here are a few main considerations when it comes to choosing your bathroom vanity.

Bathroom Cabinet / Vanity Size

A large vanity in a tiny bathroom or vice versa is not the best fit. Your vanity size should make sense for the size of the bathroom. The most important things are to figure out who is going to use the bathroom. How many sinks are required and what are your storage needs. The amount of storage required impacts the size of the vanity, but more important is the size of the room it’s in. Similarly, the height considerations are important as well.

Storage Needs

While considering bathroom vanity options, take an inventory of what you store in your current vanity to get an idea of how much storage space you’ll need. Organize everything by what you’ll need to have in reach and what you’ll just need to have nearby. Having more storage is always desirable, at the same time you need to think about the overall size and counter space of the vanity.

Keep the user in mind

Keep in mind the people who are going to be using the vanity. The type of things they will be using. The type of items they would need in the bathroom. If you are remodeling for yourself and your partner, you may need two sinks instead of one. Another thing to consider is how the user will be using the vanity. The grooming items, makeup, items for hygiene, and any other related stuff should be stored on the same vanity.

Style – Color, Texture, Aesthetics

For the bathroom vanity, although the form follows the function. The immediate importance right after the function is aesthetics. The bathroom vanity should coordinate with the other elements such as tiles, flooring, paint color, lighting, and fixtures. Another thing you may consider is that the bathroom vanity may coordinate with the style of overall cabinetry at your home.

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