Kitchen remodeling budget

Your budget shapes all that’s possible with your kitchen, from the selection of cabinets to the contractors/fitters. A typical medium-sized kitchen remodel cost ranges from $25,000 to $45,000 including all materials and trades. How you divide your budget depends on your requirements and taste. Here is an example of a kitchen remodeling budget breakdown.


  • Cabinets 26%

  •  Appliances 20%

  • Install 11%

  • Counter-top 12%

  • Lighting & Electrical 6%

  • Plumbing 8%

  • Flooring 6%

  • Back-splash 7%

  • Miscellaneous 4%

National Kitchen & Bath Association (NKBA) estimates design fee comprises average four percent of the budget, however it may grow. For example, a kitchen designer in Los Angeles may cost up to 15 percent of that budget. NKBA also found that only 22 percent of homeowners renovating a kitchen or bathroom actually hired a designer. Most of homeowners choose to work with the experienced general contractor. The main reason for that is to bring the budget down.

Design plays a big role in the end budget. If you want a change in the kitchen layout which involves removing and relocating load-bearing walls, water or gas lines take the additional paperwork, inspection, and fee into account.


The basic four appliances set – fridge, microwave, range, and dishwasher may cost around $2,000 in a starter budget. However, if you are renovating your kitchen, It’s likely you will want to upgrade to basic premium appliances. They cost between $4,000 to $8,000. The life expectancy of appliances is seven years. The starter budget for premium brands and models is $15,000. Premium models may have a 15-year life expectancy.
Manufacturers often put minimum price restrictions on their appliances therefore you are unlikely to see many variations in the cost of luxury appliances.


Kitchen Cabinets.


Budget Cabinets

These are inexpensive stock cabinets. Sometimes these come assembled while in most of the cases these need to be assembled on site. Most of them use frameless construction where the door has no lip or edge banding.
If you aren’t too picky then these are the choice for you. Don’t be demanding about style and size options. Some cabinets offer better drawer and frame constructions, solid-wood doors and other features. Some high-quality stock cabinets may wear better than expensive models.
Most of these cabinets are made of thin veneer on particle board other than higher-quality plywood. style and size options are limited.

Cost – starting at $80 / linear foot.



Mid Level Cabinets

The mid-level cabinets are semi-custom models. this is a sound choice because you may get the price of the stock cabinet with premium features. These come in a comparatively larger choice of style and sizes. Mid-level or semi-custom made cabinets can be frameless or framed construction. In most of cases you can get the color of your choice.
Mid-level or custom made cabinets offer many made to order options, including size, materials, finish, choice of crown moldings and other trim and accessories such as featured pilasters, panels, and posts. This makes them the overall best-value option.
As these are still the basic cabinets, style and size options can be limited. The carcass of the cabinet can be particle board rather than high-quality plywood.

Cost – Starting at 175 / linear foot.



Premium Cabinets

These are either custom type made-to-order cabinets or higher line of semi-custom made cabinets. These cabinets offer the most options. These cabinets generally come with plywood carcasses and other premium materials and hardware. These are generally less expensive than fully custom made/made to order cabinet units. Some models and brands may cost as much as full custom units.

Cost – Starting at $400 / linear foot.


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