European / German Kitchens

The majority of the people think German kitchens cost a fortune & they’d never be able to get one. This isn’t always the case. Including the cost of worktops, appliances & fitting, it’s possible to get a German kitchen for less than the price of a medium budget kitchen from the trade only suppliers. You just need to know the right traders.
You just need to know which are the best value German brands & who sells them for the best prices. However, that’s easier said than done. Although there are lots of German Kitchen brands on the market, even if you are able to work out which brands are the best value, finding out which supplier sells them for the lowest prices is near to impossible. So the way to get a German kitchen at the best price is to buy from trade only suppliers.
Well, that’s where we come in. We supply premium German Kitchens at the best possible price, Plus our design service is free. Our designers have more than 10 years’ experience as interior designer and kitchen specialist.

For many people having a European style means having more of a minimalist layout. In some cases, it means less focus on the cabinets. Other examples of a European style mean that the cabinets are chicer, more out of the way, less out there. The best part of our showroom is that you are able to see many examples of our different styles.
Another attribute of the European style is the more openness of the layout. You have islands that are more out in the open. It means for many people that will be more room to move around and overall, more space.
If you have a home that has the space available and you want a more unique look then this may be the way to go.

European cabinets hardware

European-inspired cabinetry calls for sleek hardware style. That’s why people are choosing pulls more often than knobs these days. Consumers prefer their clean linear shape because it is modern-looking.
Sleek cabinet and drawer pulls and industrial-like lighting fixtures, range hood and island sink fixtures are integral design elements in this Ulrich kitchen.

Finishes for European Style Kitchen Cabinets

Instead of allowing the natural beauty of real wood to stand out, European style kitchen cabinets typically make use of modern alternative materials to create a seamless design and ultra-sleek look. As mentioned, material finishes are often synthetic and highly processed.
There are a number of different materials which can be used to achieve an ultra-polished, lustrous surface for European style kitchen cabinets namely deco paints, polyurethane, acrylic, lacquer, foils and laminates.
Wood is a popular finish, but instead of using real hardwoods in their natural, rich colors, the cabinet materials are often treated with finishes that capture and mimic the beauty of real wood, such as veneers or laminates.
The “high gloss” finish is a signature look of European style kitchen cabinets and this highly reflective surface is achieved through the use of different finishing techniques which require a labor-intensive process. Some methods of producing high gloss European style kitchen cabinets are rolling or brushing on coats of high gloss paint, spray painting through the use of a compressor, application of polyurethane, lacquering and laminating. Often times, it requires multiple layers of the finishing material, followed by buffing which follows the same process that is involved automobile manufacturing.

Frame-less Kitchen Cabinets

A standard kitchen cabinet construction typically makes use of “stiles” or vertical members of the face frame and “rails” or horizontal members of the face frame. The stiles and rails make up the front part of the cabinet to which the door is attached. The side panels of the cabinet, on the other hand, are inset and typically attached to the stile and rail. This traditional way of constructing kitchen cabinets is known as the “face frame” construction.
But when it comes to the “frameless” type of kitchen cabinet construction, there are no stiles and rails used but only side panels. The cabinet door is directly attached to the side panels using hinges. And since this type of cabinet construction method does not use a cabinet frame, it relies instead on a thicker cabinet carcass or box construction for stability.

Frameless kitchen cabinets also use “full overlay” doors. Full overlay doors are cabinet doors which are directly attached to the sides of the cabinet box or carcase. This cabinet construction type also incorporates the use of hidden or concealed hinges. Full overlay doors ensure a smooth design by concealing or disguising the cabinet frame behind the cabinet doors.

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