Easy Touch // Ultra-matt finish // Anti-fingerprint

Focus // Ultra-high gloss

Riva // Walnut wood fine textured

Stone / Concrete Finish

Riva // Walnut wood fine textured

Stone / Concrete Finish

Inox // Brushed stainless steel finish

Lux // Multi-layer two sided high gloss lacquer

Pura // Two-sided high-gloss lacquer with integrated finger-pull

Structura // Black oak reproduction

True Handleless Cabinets

European Kitchen Cabinets Bellaire, TX

“Less is more” This design philosophy best describes the design sensibilities of European style kitchens. Best-loved for their ultra-stylish appeal and sleek looks, European kitchens are not only aesthetically pleasing but also reflect a perfect marriage of minimalist design with maximum efficiency. Since functionality is the top priority for European style kitchens, every element of the space is selected with care to bring the kitchen to its fullest potential, including the kitchen cabinetry. European style kitchen designers were able to develop a form of kitchen cabinetry which employs a special form of cabinetry construction method, finishing technique, and durable material. 

The most common type of kitchen cabinet door style which is used for European style kitchen cabinets are “Slab style doors”. A slab-style cabinet door is the simplest and most basic type of kitchen cabinet door available in the market. Slab style doors, as their name suggests, are characterized by a single, solid, unornamented piece or “slab” or flat wood. Its design is basically plain – with no visible embellishments, decorative moldings, edgings, trims, frames, or panels.
Slab style doors are popular in contemporary and modern kitchen cabinet design but are considered to be the signature look of European style kitchen cabinets. The slab style door is known for its simplicity and frameless appearance which gives European style kitchen cabinets a smooth, sleek, and minimalist overall look.
Slab style doors also work best with high gloss finishes because it provides a flat surface to showcase a mirror-like finish – there are no moldings and trims which may interfere with the special finishing. In addition, several European style kitchen cabinet finishes are also more suited for slab style doors as the surface is smooth and won’t force the material to its limits, for example, laminates, veneers, or acrylic.
The European frameless cabinet design is both aesthetic and utilitarian in nature since it offers a number of practical benefits. First is that it provides maximum access and optimum storage capacity. Frameless kitchen cabinets are also referred to as “full access” kitchen cabinets because there are no cabinet face frames which interfere with the storage.
Framed kitchen cabinets may be ahead when it comes to being sturdy but frameless kitchen cabinets provide much more storage. It does not have any vertical stiles or partitions which make it difficult to store items or full-sized dinnerware and kitchen tools. Drawer boxes are much larger as there are no cabinet parts or members which take space. Finally, frameless kitchen cabinets produce a cleaner look. Frameless kitchen cabinetry blend more seamlessly with each other, ensuring a smoother transition between different elements of the space and promoting a more integrated design that is perfect for the sleek aesthetics of European style kitchens.
In terms of design, European style kitchen cabinets featured hardware which is similar to those found in modern and contemporary kitchen cabinets – streamlined in form, angular, and had no ornamentation. In some cases, there are no cabinet handles featured outside the kitchen cabinet doors to create a more seamless look. This “handleless” design is a feature that is distinct to the European style kitchen cabinets.

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