Kitchen Counter Tops

While remodeling your kitchen one of the most significant design designs is choosing the right kitchen countertop. The number of options is available to choose from. Durability, texture, surface finish, care, maintenance, and color are a few main factors to consider. A few materials require extra care, a few are maintenance-free and other materials have a certain characteristic that makes the counter surface even more beautiful as it ages.

While selecting your material, keep in mind that one kitchen can have more than one type of kitchen worktop material. So, don’t be shy to mix and match.



Marble gives a prime feeling no matter the surface is finished or honed. Most of the marbles are resistant to heat and cracks. The rule of thumb is that the darker the marble the more durable and less porous it is. However, most of the marbles are porous and they require yearly maintenance. the maintenance may include the application of surface sealer which closes the pores.
The maintenance and care make the marble no so ideal option for the kitchen counter.


Laminate Countertops

Laminate Countertops are plastic coated synthetic surface. The surface is easy to clean.
In the manufacturing process of laminate countertops, the printed paper is sandwiched between two layers of plastic laminate.
Although for many years laminates are regarded as low-quality materials for countertops, laminates have seen a recent surge in popularity, thanks to the latest technology by which a wide variety of patterns and styles have become possible.


Wood / Butcher Block Kitchen Countertops

Wood countertops give a beautiful warm and rich look. These are available in a range of colors and finishes. only hardwoods are used for countertops. Maple, Oak, and Beech are the most commonly used woods for countertops.


Quartz / Reconstituted stone / Engineered Stone

The engineered stone consists of as much as 93 percent quartz and mineral particles bonded with resins. Some of the main manufacturers are Cambria, Silestone, Compac, and Zodiaq. Quartz or reconstituted stones are better alternatives to natural stones. The surface is almost carefree and retains its finish and surface quality for years.
The quartz is available in various colors and textures. A few textures are very convincing copies of natural stones.


Solid-Surface Material

Solid-surface material is a fully synthetic material. A few main manufacturers of this material are Corian, Avonite, and Swanstone.
Solid surface countertops have now been around for nearly 50 years but at the time of introduction, they were regarded as a very futuristic alternative to other natural stone materials. This material is now regarded as a mid-range countertop material.


Ceramic Tile

Ceramic Tiles are relatively less expensive. these tiles are durable and easy to clean. The ceramic tiles are available in much larger formats now making it more suitable for worktop applications, Thanks to modern technology. These tiles offer much more color and design options other than any other material.



Soapstone has recently come back as an alternative to granite. it is usually dark grey in color with a smooth feel. Over time the soapstone gets a certain antique look which can be very attractive in a certain style of kitchens. It is hard and resistant to stains however over the time it gets scratches, Although these scratches in certain styles add an antique rich look.



Granite is rich, one of the hardest materials and looks elegant. It had long been the main choice for countertops. Although it had always been an expensive material however since the supply systems have developed more the price of this material has come down.
Granite is highly resistant to head, nonporous and durable. It is available in nearly three thousand different colors. Granite is maintenance-free however it is always treated with the surface sealers.

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