Cabinet doors may be replaced with the frosted glass, metal finish, fine-textured laminate, wood veneer or lacquer painted surface to create a modern look. Accessories and organizers are incorporated to facilitate kitchen tasks and storage purposes. The marble or granite surface can be replaced with a reconstituted stone.
Flooring and lighting tend to follow the overall aesthetics, adhering to clean lines, function, and simplicity recognizable in the border design. The overall form and arrangement of cabinets, organizers, accessories, structure, and surfaces follow the function of the space.

Today’s Modern Kitchens

Modern kitchens are mainly based on function. When planning a kitchen remodel in a modern style, remember to plan for the function first. Frame-less cabinets, LED Lights, special organizers for specific types of storage, horizontal and vertical clear lines, lack of ornamentation, and using the natural beauty of materials are the main features to keep in mind while designing a modern kitchen.

Designing a modern kitchen

The key to modern design is a clean, uncluttered feel to work surfaces. While we all might want that statement – and often used – KitchenAid mixer on show, that doesn’t necessarily work for all the other kitchen paraphernalia it’s so easy to collect. Hiding kitchen clutter, particularly in open-plan kitchens is essential, so plan in plenty of storage with deep pan drawers, tambour units to keep small appliances, crockery, and ceramicware out of site. Floor to ceiling handleless cupboards can hide a multitude of sins so if you have space, they’re a good investment. Remember, though, for your kitchen to work efficiently, you’ll want easy access to all these things when you do need them, so we recommend siting pan drawers by ovens, larders close to prep areas, and ceramicware close to the dishwasher.


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Modern Kitchen cabinets Dallas, Tx

Modern Kitchens are generalized as a contemporary style. However, in terms of its origin, it belongs to a certain style, inspiration, and historical period.
The kitchen space has been rapid since the adaptation of the water delivery system inside the house. The idea of modern kitchens started during and after the world war l. It generally featured flat surface, simplified forms, and less or no ornamentation. The beauty of a modern kitchen lies in its quality of surface, fabrication, and construction. The form is sleek, geometric, and architectural. The modern kitchens are part of a larger trend called Mid-Century modern. The modern design term originated in North-Western European countries in the mid-20th century.
The focus of the modern design is convenience, simplicity, and incorporation of the latest materials and finishes. The kitchen work centers are well defined and well equipped with accessories supporting the specific tasks in the kitchen.

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