Price Examples

Fine black oak textured door-fronts + Niche and island back panels in timber finish + Integrated black handles + Built-in wall cabinet and island counter light + Accessories and organizers.

Matt finish lacquered door-fronts + Handleless kitchen cabinets + Built-in featured lights + Drawer organizers and accessories

Matt lacquered + Fine wood textured door-fronts + Island Counter profile light + lighted metal shelves + Organizers and drawer accessories.

Red Lacquered cabinets + Oak timber finish + Built-in Shelf lights and island lights + Accessories and drawer organizers.

Black walnut textured cabinets + Concrete textured cabinets + Featured Counter profile light + Handleless kitchen cabinets + Accessories and drawer organizers.

Ultra-high Gloss Lacquered finish + Fine oak wood textured door-fronts + Drawer organizers and accessories.

Ultra-high gloss + Fine white oak textured door-fronts + Handleless design + Indoor garden shelves with the plant growing lights + Accessories and drawer organizers.

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