York // Genuine wood // Lacquered satin grey

Sylt // Honed Lacquer (Various Color options)

Cascada// Lacquered laminate

Castello // Washed Ivory

Nordic // Lacquer honed white

Traditional Kitchen Cabinets Dallas, Tx

More and more customers are now finding that shaker cabinets are what makes their kitchen complete. But what is so special about them? Some say it’s the modern feeling they get without having to go fully frameless. Others appreciate the wide selection available.

The history of shaker style cabinets dates back to the early nineteenth century. Shakers were a religious sect. They arrived from Central Europe to the United States in the early nineteenth century.
Shakers initially settled in New York City, later arrivals settled in various parts of Michigan, Ohio, Indi-ana, and Kentucky during the next one hundred years. They believed that desires, excess, and beautifications offend God. Their values and spiritual ideas through exceptional skills as craftsmen tended toward a utilitarian design that gained popularity due to its implicitly and adaptability. Shaker cabinets have the ability to complement modern and traditional designs. Typically known as the five-piece door the construction is simple and therefore it is widely preferred by carpenters and cabinet makers. The clean and simple design allow shaker style cabinets to fit well in most of the interior spaces.

Since the popularity of shaker style kitchen cabinets has been on the rise for a long time, the opportunities are now vast. You’ll find yourself spoiled for choice with our wide selection for your shaker kitchen. When you go over your options below, you’ll see customer favorites ranging from White Shaker Cabinets to Dark Shaker Cabinets, and all in-between.

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