Living room & media cabinets

Over the past 50 years, the kitchens have evolved to become a part of the living room. Therefore, the living room furniture should coordinate with overall kitchen design. The relation between different cabinetry can enormously enhance the interior aesthetics of the space. A few important things to consider for the TV & Media cabinets are,
1. Form and Function
2. Storage Space
3. Height of the tv

The lower cabinet for tv console with the wider drawers is more relevant and functional these days. Since you don’t need space for disks anymore, the storage tower cabinets next to the tv have become irrelevant. Consider having a long tv shelf with the full length of cabinets below. The longer counter space can be used for decorative or storage purposes. The entertainment centers relatively require less equipment than before, thanks to smart media technology.
Storage Space
The tv/media cabinet can be divided into two categories as per their utility.
1. Shelves
2. Lower Cabinets & Drawers
The shelves are typically used for books, decorative, and media-related items. The lower cabinets are used for the storage of equipment such as gaming systems, controllers, wires, chargers, and other related items.
Determine your requirement for storage space by making an inventory of items you currently need for storage.

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