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Prefabricated Modern Cabinets
And Storage Units

Across Houston, Austin, and the Dallas-Fort Worth Area.

Modern refers to a specific design movement that started back in the early 20th century that follows a set of strict guidelines as compared to contemporary which is more flexible in terms of design and patterns. But as time passed by, modern became synonymous with contemporary style. Since then, modern cabinets have become a trend that homeowners in areas such as Houston, Austin, and Dallas-Fort Worth prefer because of its simplicity and the incorporation of the latest materials and finishes which add to their overall convenience.

The Kitchens Group offers a wide collection of prefabricated German and US-manufactured modern cabinets for your home’s interior. Our products provide functionality that enables you to easily access and organize your essential items, as well as to help you maximize your property’s living space, may it be in Houston, Austin, or even in cities across DFW. Apart from our modern kitchen and bathroom cabinetry, our team will also provide consultations to help you choose the right design for your modern-themed home, as well as prefabricated modern cabinet options that will complement the overall interior design of your property.

To check out some of the available prefabricated modern cabinets that we offer to people across Houston, Austin, and DFW, feel free to take a look at the images provided below. And if you’re interested in our modern bathroom and kitchen cabinetry, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today.