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Cabinet Body Options

We have a collection of European Kitchen Furniture that comes with various cabinet body options for different types of interior themes and designs. Take a look at this assortment of color options and choose whether you want your cabinet door to blend seamlessly with the cabinet body, or add an accent that will make it stand out.

Color Concept

We provide color concepts that will enable you to let out your creativity and personalize your kitchen as you see fit. With our extensive range of open shelf units, wall units, kitchen cabinets, and even backsplashes, you will be presented with more versatility in terms of designing the kitchen that you have always wanted for your home. Check out these color concepts to get started today.

Handle Options

Having the right handle for your kitchen cabinets will surely help in adding more style to your home as a whole. These are created using a wide range of materials, from antique metal handles that give off a rustic feel to stainless steel handles that offer a more contemporary look. Check out the samples below to see the different types of kitchen cabinet handles that we can provide.


Backsplashes are responsible for setting the overall look, feel, and vibe of your kitchen. Depending on your preference, these may span the entire wall of your kitchen or may only provide coverage to areas between your cabinets and countertops. Regardless of what you choose, backdrops will definitely enhance the overall theme of your kitchen, may it be a modern layout or a rustic design. Take the first step in achieving the look that you want for your kitchen by checking out the backsplashes that we offer.

Cabinet Door Fronts

Our collection includes a wide variety of cabinet door fronts that are designed to enhance the overall aesthetic of your home’s interior areas, may it be your kitchens, living room, and even your bathrooms. We have cabinet door fronts for different types of themes, so don’t hesitate to check out our collection and see what suits your home the most.

Bells & Whistles


Handleless Kitchens

Kitchen Island

Laundry Room

Luxury Style

Shaker Style

TV Cabinets & Living Room

Catalogues to Read

Apart from these samples of our collection of German cabinetry, we also have some useful catalogs that may help you to find the most suitable style of cabinets for your home’s interior. With these, you will be able to visualize and plan the type of cabinetry that will definitely match your residence’s theme.

To check out the catalogs that we provide, feel free to visit our View Catalogs page by clicking on the button below: